Water & Sanitation

Sustainable Farming Practices and Educational Opportunities for Youth
October 12, 2017
Orphan sponsorship
October 22, 2017

ECRF, Water & Sanitation projects come first on our list of ways to develop villages. Giving people a safe water source and sanitation facilities eradicates diseases that claim lives and cripple communities. Having access to water means people who spend hours fetching water each day, can spend that time working or in school. It means farmers can water their crops in dry season, so that harvests don’t fail.


How it Works

Single water well for our project can provide safe water for up to 10 to 75 families depending on the village.

Installing a hand pump can cost between £4,000 and £5,000 to build water well, which has a water storage tank and functions with a motorized hand-pump that runs on solar energy. .ECRF also installed a coverage sewage and waste management system to accommodate public sanitation facilities We build separate latrines, showers, hand-washing stations and ablution taps for men and women of the village.


What We Do

ECRF runs Water and Sanitation projects in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Once we complete a project, we run awareness raising sessions with villagers about hygiene and sanitation. Over the past three years, we’ve installed 5 hand pumps in remote villages.