Water and Sanitation Project at Kouse-Jingiri

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October 8, 2017
El-Ehsan Charitable Relief Foundation
October 8, 2017

ECRF has implemented MGR Water and Sanitation Project at Kouse-Jingiri village in Pusiga district this year 2017. Located in Upper Eastern Ghana, Kouse-Jingiri is home to 1,907 people. Today they have safe water and sanitation facility. Open defecation which was common there is no more, and diseases caused by contaminated water and poor hygiene which were rampant is controlled.

MGR also installed a covered sewage and waste management system to accommodate public sanitation facilities. We built separate latrines, showers and ablution taps for men and women of the village.

Once construction was completed, ECRF staff is on the ground conducting awareness raising sessions with the local community about hygiene. We’ve already seen a marked improvement in sanitation and a reduction of water borne diseases.

A clean water source that’s easily accessible, has brought improved health and well-being to the whole village. It’s meant their women and children are safe, and now have more time to spend being productive or attending school. A surplus of water has also meant that people are able to wash clothes and clean their homes more regularly.

Kosei-Jingiri’s public toilets have put an end to open defecation, and offered women the benefit of feeling safe, when they need to relieve themselves. While the shower and ablution facilities have made it easier for people to wash and bathe.