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October 17, 2017
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October 29, 2017

The Orphan Issue
Since 2004, the global rate of adoption has dropped by 60%. Yet every day, 5,760 more children become orphans. Most of them are without care or protection. They are at risk of exploitation and abuse. Some have already fallen victim to criminal gangs and traffickers, who sell children into forced labour or the sex trade.

Today, adoption is only available for a very small fraction of the world’s orphans. But often there’s a simple solution for the rest. Most orphan children still have extended relations or grandparents. Others come from a very broken home, in that they still have one parent who has difficulty caring for them.

How it Works
sponsoring an orphan with ECRF means taking on the financial cost of enabling a child’s education. We monitor sponsored children regularly to ensure they continue to thrive in a secure home environment and are attending school regularly. Your sponsorship covers the following needs:

  • Education: yearly school fees
  • Transportation: the cost of travel to and from school
  • School supplies: books, stationary and school uniform
  • Clothing: the annual cost of summer and winter clothing for a growing child
  • A Financial Stipend: support for the family caring orphan towards the cost of food and basic necessities for the child

Monthly Sponsorship: The cost of sponsoring an orphan child with ECRF is £30.


Yearly Sponsorship: When sponsoring an orphan, most donors prefer to give the gift of a whole year’s worth of financial security and peace of mind. The annual cost of Orphan Education Sponsorship is £360.


What We Do
ECRF runs Orphan Education Sponsorship in villages across the Upper East Region of Ghana. We work to keep vulnerable children in school and at home in a caring family environment.

The orphans we support are raised by a remaining parent, grandparent, or taken in by extended family. ECRF recognizes that most carer families have limited means. So having an extra mouth to feed can put a strain on guardians who are already struggling to care for their own.

ECRF supports carer families and the orphans they are caring for. We supply them with the financial resources necessary to ensure that the basic and educational needs of the child are met. Sometimes, we’re able to provide the carer family with a small stipend towards the cost of food, as well as other benefits like Qurbani meat every Eid ul-Adha, and food packs during Ramadan.