Mosque Project at Kouse-Jingiri

Women Empowerment
November 9, 2017
Support to 100 plus orphans
March 18, 2018
“We brought personal and spiritual development for social development in Kouse-Jingiri, a village in the Pusiga District Assembly in the Upper East region of Ghana, where we built MGR-Abu Bakar Mosque.
 Currently, social development is happening in this mosque, and it serve as a community centre, and place of learning.The people are united in worship, where men and women come to the mosque for solace and support, and at the same time children and new converts learn and read.
Help us to provide mosques to the deserving villages in Ghana. Uthman Bin Affan reported the Messenger of Allah of having said: Whosoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah we build for him the like of it in Jannah”